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Color flows like time. Time is untouchable, but color can be frozen at the fingers. Coming already at the fingers, so wonderful is the last protagonist The fashion show of fingers, touch, light and shadow, every move and act, full of personality. MIXCOCO brings the most beautiful physical distance at this moment closer.

Hands are the second face of a person, a pair of long, beautiful hands,Hands with brightly colored UV gel polish add extra femininity.

MIXCOCO believes that well-designed and beautified nails are just like wearing gorgeous clothes and accessories, it become an indispensable part of the beautiful dress.In different times, in different scenes of the dress and nail with accessories is also a lot of international top stylists pay great attention to the dressing process.The fashion trend of nail art should be the same as the trend of clothing fashion change,it should constant pursuit of individuality and change.
The fast colors crossing fingers.

About US

MIXCOCO was founded in 2010,as the vanguard of global UV gel polish products.For more than 12 years, we have been exploring and creating UV gel polish products such as "TrueColor", "ShineColor", and "BrightGel", which are a unified blend of “fashion vision and material technology” for beauty lovers around the world. .Gathering international cross-border fashion experts as a team of MIXCOCO color consultants, The team independently responsible for capturing the color trends from the top fashion every season, with a speedy introduction of the popular theme concept of nail beauty in a variety of styles. It has been recommended by customers in various countries/regions for many years.


1.Launch new products regularly:we have a professional color team to capture future trends as fast as possible;At the same time, the whole research and production started rapidly,new products on the shelves according to the latest trends.
2.Health: The raw material is made of natural resin, which does not contain chemical solvents, non-toxic and tasteless, without any harm to human body。
3.Technology: We continue to explore in the material , and are committed to provide customers with different functional properties of UV gel polish materials with innovative highlights of long-lasting .
4.Enterprise environmental protection: focus on the balance between beauty and nature, always choose materials and production processes that do not cause damage to the environment.
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